After the cab ride, it’s important to check the backseat of the taxicab in Singapore when you arrive at your destination to ensure you haven’t left a wallet, camera or an umbrella. Get out of the cab and do a visual check of the back seat for anything you left. Cab drivers are amazed at the items people forget. Often, the moment you leave the backseat, another passenger jumps in, so the driver may not recover your personal item.


Your Lost Item may be misplaced in the cab

It is not unusual for a cab driver to only check the content of the backseat at the end of the shift. If all the other fares ignored your item, the driver may recover it. Few people will ignore a wallet, a cell phone or a cool technological item like a camera if they discover it, but they may inadvertently kick a stray item under the seat.


taxi lost and found

Call the Cab Company Immediately

Here are some proactive things you can do to recover your item:

✓ Prepare information before calling the cab company.

✓write down the taxi number. This is tough to remember to do, but it will save you hassles in the end.

✓ Note the time and date of the cab ride.

✓ Note the address where you got in the cab.

✓ Note the destination where you got out.

✓ Did you flag down the cab or did you call the company and ask for a cab?

✓ Describe the item: Was it a cell phone, a tablet or a passport? Include everything you know about the item and offer a serial number if you have it.


taxi lampPlease check for your belongings before you leave the cab. Make sure you have all your belongings with you. If you have left something, call the taxi company immediately. The Chances of recovering your lost item is higher if you remember or note down the taxi’s license plate number and driver’s name.

One of the best things about cab drivers in Singapore is that they value their customers. If you talked to the driver or noticed the name on the license, give that to the company’s dispatch too. If they can call the cab immediately, it greatly enhances your chance of recovery.


Keep Track of your Stuff

Remember that cab drivers are very busy. Without compensation, they can not make a special delivery. Call the cab company immediately after you’ve discovered the loss. Be certain you left the item in the cab before you call. People sometimes leave things in the hotel or a restaurant, and if they think hard about it, the place they lost it will become clear. When you arrange for an Airport Transfer, do an inventory of items you’re carrying before you get in.

Overall, cab companies will really do their best with a lost item. Most cab companies offer a disclaimer about responsibility for your personal items. Read it. They may not take responsibility for the items you leave behind in the cab, but a good transport company in Singapore will try and help.