Black Pipes and the Differences from Galvanized Pipes

black pipes malaysia

Have you ever seen pipes that are black in colour? Those pipes are called black pipes. Just like their name, they are black in colour and carry many purposes. If you observe your surrounding carefully, you might spot one or two black pipes Malaysia. In our post today, we will be learning about the functions and differences between black pipes and galvanized pipes. These two might confuse some of you, but there are prominent differences between them. We should get into our points instantly, so you might not want to leave this site. 

Black Pipes vs Galvanized Pipes

black pipes malaysia

Black pipes, often known as steel pipes are usually used to transport gas and water from their original sources to the end customers. This kind of pipe is usually used by households and companies essential to transport either their propane or natural gas supply. Because of its high heat resistance, it is frequently utilised in fire sprinkler systems.

Moving on to another type of pipe in this discussion, which is galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipe is a steel pipe that has been zinc-coated. The zinc helps the pipe to extend its life expectancy by making it corrosive resistant. Unlike black pipes, this type of pipe is not suitable to be used for gas lines. This is because the flaking zinc is worried to block the lines. But they usually are suitable for other types of usage and they can last for at least 40 years with proper handling and maintenance. 

The Main Differences Between Black Pipes and Galvanized Pipes

black pipes malaysia

There are a few main differences between these two types of pipes that you can see with your bare eyes and those that you can’t. They are divided by these differences that contribute to their popularity and demands:

  • Corrosion resistance

When looking for pipes to be used at home or company, people would definitely make a survey or comparison between them. This is where this aspect is being looked for. Black pipes are known to have a light coating, which means there isn’t much protection that can be acquired. As for galvanized pipes, they have an advantage in this matter because they would not rust. Because black pipe rusts rapidly, it is best utilised for gas lines rather than water lines, whereas galvanised pipe is the preferable pipe to use in water lines but cannot transmit gas.

  • Price comparison

In general, black pipes are a lot cheaper. This is because although both black pipes and galvanized pipes are made of steel, galvanized pipes are coated with zinc. This would result in galvanized pipes being more expensive. In terms of maintenance too, galvanized fittings would require to use up more money than black pipes. The maintenance can cost a lot as well. 

  • Durability

Since black pipes are not protected by zinc or anything that is suitable, they are less durable than galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes are protected by zinc and they would not rust, unlike black pipes. 

It is time to decide the type of pipe that you desire. Depending on your needs and budget, the decision is in your hand. Do think thoroughly about the pros and cons before purchasing any.