How Do You Study BSC Medicine In Ireland?

Study BSC Medicine In Ireland

Medicine is one of the most popular degrees that students tend to choose, especially in Malaysia. Other than it being a very popular industry to begin your career with, it is certainly a very rewarding career path as you will get to help people, treat illnesses and ailments and even find cures to diseases as well as help diagnose viruses and diseases. There are many institutions that you can study BSC Medicine in Ireland with, but we definitely suggest RUMC. 

Why Should You Study BSC Medicine In Ireland with RUMC?

First and foremost, RUMC is RCSI & UCD Malaysia campus which began as Malaysia’s first accredited private medical institution. The institution was formed so that it can fill the need of having a reliable medical institution in the northern region of Malaysia. It was established by Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) – Ireland and University College Dublin (UCD). 

Now, RUMC is one of the highest levels of a forgein owned institution in Malaysia and it is the only Irish Branch Campus in the region. The medical degrees that RUMC provides students with are all internationally recognised, as the graduates will receive their medical degree from National University Ireland (NUI). 

When you study at RUMC, you will begin your extraordinary journey in pursuit of medical education, starting with their unique programme structure that will give you a chance of holistic learning experience, with an integrated, systems based approach to the study of healthcare and medicine. 

How Is The Path When You Study with RUMC?

Firstly, RUMC has intakes every September. The medicine programme at RUMC lasts a total of 5 years and it is delivered transnationally, as you begin your comprehensive pre-clinical training in Dublin. After which, you will go through an extensive clinical training back in your home country, in Penang specifically.

First you will have to complete a Foundation in Science programme. Alternatively, RUMC will accept you to start your medical degree program if you have received the appropriate scores for your STPM, A-Levels or IBDP examinations. Once you have been noted as qualified, only then will you be accepted into RUMC where you will go through your pre-medical years. Thus begins your journey. 

During your pre-clinicals in Dublin, you will be able to gain knowledge about medical science of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology. You will also be learning about normal human systems, learning how to analyze illnesses and treatment strategies relevant to the systems.

Study BSC Medicine In Ireland

When you complete your pre-clinicals, you will further onto your clinical years in Penang. Here, you will be able to gain exclusive access to practice rotations in clinics and hospitals. Doing this, you will be able to establish a professional doctor-patient relationship so that you can enhance your patient-centered communication skills. During your clinicals, you will also be getting knowledge on how to perform physical examinations, take note of patient histories, as well as learn how to conduct day-to-day duties in the hospital. Isn’t that exciting?

Well, check RUMC out here to see if you are interested in studying abroad in Ireland.