How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of Breastfeeding

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For first-time mothers, breastfeeding can be a challenge. However, this is something that one should not omit as this can do a lot of good things to the baby and actually, to the mom as well. This is why even if there are adversities, a mother should still breastfeed her baby, even for just two months at least. 

While breastfeeding, one might want to check the most common mistakes so she can avoid them:

  • Assuming that pain is just what you have to go through when breastfeeding is a mistake. Yes, the process is actually not painful and thus, if you are pained, it means that something is not right. This is why if you are in this situation, you should try checking out why.
  • When you skip giving your body enough nutrients. Yes, this is a mistake indeed as your body will have a hard time producing milk if it does not have the resources. The thing is, the baby is taking what you are feeding yourself and will still try to take something every time you feed it. This is why you must fill yourself with food so you can always feed your baby. 
  • You ignore about tongue tie. If you are not aware of this yet, and you think there is a problem in breastfeeding your baby, this could be one of the reasons. You need to check with the healthcare provider so you will know for sure and so, this concern will be corrected. Maybe there is something that you can do and you are not just aware of it. 
  • When you think that because the baby is sleeping, it is already full. Well, this is one of the most common assumptions of mothers, which is not right. Yes, there are times when the baby is just exhausted as it is using more energy compared to the food it is getting from your breast. You will notice this if he can’t sleep for long and this could mean the baby is still hungry. Maybe your breastfeeding is not that effective, and maybe there is something you can do about this. 
  • When you let others define your kind of breastfeeding. You see, some are just too quick with their opinions, without realizing they have done damage. This is why you should know what you are doing so you will not be easily intimidated by others. 

Yes, no one can say that breastfeeding is easy. It is easy to assume that those who say such a thing, have not really experienced doing it. But the bottom line is, that no matter how hard the process is, you will still want to do it for your baby. 

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