Maternity Care – Don’t neglect it! 

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Usually, after giving birth, the moms would give full attention to the baby’s care as well as the baby’s needs. Some of them do not really care about maternity care, and they think it is not important for them to take care of themselves. Actually this is something you should not do as a practice because what if suddenly you fall sick, who is going to breastfeed your baby, as well as taking care of it. The relationship with your baby at a very early age is really important, especially breastfeeding them. Please do not neglect your maternity care after giving birth. You can actually survey various maternity care products here mother care products malaysia to help you while you are recovering after giving birth. 

Here are some tips for you while taking care of yourself after giving birth. 

  1. Get enough rest

After a while taking care of your baby, you will eventually know that babies actually have different sleep times from the adults. Usually, a newborn baby will easily get awake about every three to four hours and needs to be comforted by breastfeeding them. This situation would overwhelm you if you are the only one doing everything about your baby. So the tips for this is that a few weeks after giving birth, you should have someone who can help you in taking care of the baby such as changing the diapers, bathing the baby as well as watching out for the baby. It’s not that you are not doing any of it, you can take turns with your husband or family members while you are resting. Getting enough rest is really important because there are moms who get tired while taking care of their baby. We do not want you to get postpartum depression. 

  1. Get enough nutrition

In order for you to heal and recover from the birth wound as well as from the mental and physical aspect, you need to eat well, which is foods that have enough nutrition. The food meal for women that are just giving birth is actually just simple, they need to have vegetables, fruits as well as proteins in their meal. Take note that you should avoid taking fast food as it is too oily and high in salt. Any kind of oil and fat should be avoided. Iron rich foods are also recommended because iron can promote the release of red blood cells in which you have lost too much of the blood while giving birth. If your iron levels are too low, you may feel dizziness, fatigue, headaches and chest pain. If you do not know which food to eat, you can just take iron supplements, but with the doctor’s prescription. 

  1. Nipples care

Some moms outside there do experience sore nipples because of the constant breastfeeding. This could happen because of the pressure when your baby sucks your milk. It is just the same as lips, sometimes your lips get cracked when you constantly wet it as well as biting it. The thing that you can do to heal or prevent your sore nipple is by applying nipple cream to moisturize it. You can also use hydrogel pads to be placed on your sore nipple for instant relief. 

These tips are just some parts of the many tips outside there that you could take while taking care of yourself after giving birth. Remember to take care of yourself, and be the best mom that you can to your baby!